Rental Rates

The beautiful space that we have here is also available for rental at an hourly rate. We have 2 fully equipped dance studios and a beautiful lobby/community space where anything from poetry sessions to after class hang out. Our main goal is to cultivate community and give dancers, poets and artist a place to be.

General Public Rate

Rental Rates Effective June 2024

Large StudioSmall Studio
Weekdays (Reoccurring)$70/hr$35/hr
Weekends (Reoccurring)$120/hr$60/hr
One Time Rental$150/hr$110/hr

Large Studio

Built in 2014, the large studio offers raised hard wood floors with about 1,500 rubber bumpers that are laser leveled. This is great for your knees as it is a shock absorber and the even floor prevents you from head spinning to another spot! The space also includes RGB LED panels, lamps, and overhead color controlled LED lighting. A garage door separates the large studio and the lobby. The space also includes curtains, mirrors, and amplified speakers.

Small Studio

Built in 2020, the small studio also offers raised hard wood floors with about 1,200 rubber bumpers that are laser leveled. The space includes overhead color controlled LED lighting, curtains, mirrors, ballet bars, and amplified speakers. A puzzle mat with linoleum is included for those working on tricks, flips, and power moves.


The lobby includes couches, center table, kitchen, and projector screen. Additional seating can be accommodated with foldable chairs and tables.